High & low: Team Trainer

På billedet ses nogle deltager i fuld gang med at hjælpe hinanden i klatreudstyr
  • Number of participants

    Minimum 6 participants

  • Location

    Kolding or Sorø

  • Duration

    From 3 hours

High & Low Team Trainer

The High & Low concept is designed so that there are both exercises on the ground and exercises at the height of 10 meters. Everyone can participate, high and low - without distinction in education, position and seniority. There are no requirements for age, gender and physical form. Here, the participants carry out a number of specially designed tasks, which aim to train their collaboration skills, strengthen trust in each other and challenge the individual participant.

Low activities

These are activities that take place on the ground that focus on collaboration, communication and other team aspects. One example could be the exercise "The Swing", which means that the participants one by one must swing over to a deserted island. Space becomes crowded, the more people swing over, and coordination is essential to ensure that there is room for all participants.

High Activities

These activities take place at the height of 0-10 meters. The participants are faced with a series of challenges that combine collaboration, trust and personal challenge. These are activities such as "parachute trainer" with free fall, "High all Aboard," where four people are going up the platform of a 9-meter high pole as well as many other exciting challenges.

Specially designed training facility in Kolding and Sorø

We are very proud that we have been able to offer this unique concept at our two centres in Kolding and Sorø over the past many years. The training facility is designed by English team building specialists from the world's largest manufacturer of these facilities. The courses are designed to challenge both the team and the individual. Several companies have been guests at these facilities with great success. It is always with a smile on the face and a large amount of pride in the voice when the participants tell that they have been at the High & Low training facility. In England, the construction of course no. 1,000 has been rounded, and in the United States, since 1985 there have been more than 30 million participants at High & Low facilities.

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Our talented event coordinators are always ready to answer any questions and present you with a non-binding offer. We have more than 25 years of experience in team building, and we are therefore well-prepared to help you. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you optimise your collaboration through exciting team building exercises.

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We recently had the pleasure of having the participants from the program ''Beat your teenager'' from TV SYD to try our facility in Kolding. Watch the video below..


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