Et billede af ejeren Søren Madsen
“Employee development pays off, but the efforts must be the right ones, and the time you can find must be spent on the right efforts.” Søren Madsen, Director/Owner of World of Adventure A/S

We all want to be part of a well-functioning team that both supports a well-functioning everyday life and at the same time creates good business results. None of this comes by itself. Team development is done by itself in daily life and over time, but there is no doubt that with the right effort, the process of creating a High-Performance Team can happen much faster.

"Where to start?" - It is often the question, and here we help clarify and define where an effort will make the most significant difference. For example, this can be the strategy, so the team develop more clear goals. Business values ​​must be in play; with them, we can improve the culture and thereby create better results. It could also be about how to work together as a team in everyday life. The opportunities for improvement can be found in many places, and here we use our experience to help you find the optimal focus area.

On this page, you can find both theoretical tools and examples of courses that can help you further, and all of them are working with practical exercises that create a fun and engaging course environment for the participants.

Søren madsen i fuld gang med at forklare dagen opgaver og øvelser

Facilitation – It can be a challenging process when many views and experiences must be incorporated into a comprehensive solution for a new strategy. Here, an experienced and objective facilitator helps ensure a nuanced and targeted process.

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En virksomhed i fuld gang med at få hjælp af Søren madsen til dagens opgave

WOA Consult – Over the past 25 years, we have helped managers, employees and HR to create active processes that create targeted development. Our courses with dynamic exercises and participatory involvement support permanent change.

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Søren madsen i fuld gang med at holde styr på tingene og dagens opgaver

Methods and Theories – The basic idea is to involve the participants so that they become an interactive part of the learning through action, reflection, recognition and insight into their reactions. This process takes place in a favourable and safe climate that motivates the participants to seek more experiences and more learning.

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På billedet ses 3 ansatte som er i fuld gang med en øvelse i high performance

High-Performance Teams – Before a High Performing Team is created, the team undergo a number of phases. Tuckman’s model describes the phases that the group undergoes, and here it is important to note that the cooperation at the beginning is often experienced well-functioning.

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På billedet ses en woa instruktør i fuld gang med at arbejde med personlig udvikling med en virksomhed

Employer Branding – It is no secret that recruiting and retaining skilled employees is getting harder and harder. Therefore, many companies prioritise that individual employees can work with personal development. Employee development contributes to many advantages.

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På billedet ses Søren Madsen i fuld gang med at forklare hvad opgaven går ud på

Team coaching – An old word of wisdom says that it is never companies or departments that work together, it is people who work together. That is why it is important to achieve the optimal cooperation between the employees in the different teams.

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På billedet ses en gruppe ansatte med armene i vejret efter en dag med belbins teamrolle analyse

Belbin’s Team Role Analysis – Using Belbin’s team role analysis, it is possible to make a 360-degree analysis of the team. This will highlight whether all types are represented, which is useful knowledge in connection with solving a task.

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På billedet ses en gruppe i fuld gang med et kampråb til dagen

Implementation of Values ​​and Visions – If a new vision is to become a reality, it is crucial that employees are involved in the process and are helped to understand what it means for their day-to-day behaviour.

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På billedet ses deltagere på en teamdag i fuld gang med at få en planke til at balancere med deres egen kropsvægt

Team Day – The primary topics of a team day can be anything from empowerment, communication, responsibility, creativity, collaboration, win/win, knowledge sharing, trust and values, to acceptance of diversity, openness and common goals.

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På billedet ses 3 deltager i fuld gang med at hjælpe hinanden med at klatre

Personality analyses – Personal analysis is a useful tool that forms an interesting and exciting foundation for a wide range of courses. There are many possible tools, including Belbin, Insight, DISC, MBTI and JTI, and they are far from the same.

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