Save Tongo ®

På billedet ses en masse deltager i færd med at snakke om hvordan de skal løse opgaven
  • Number of participants

    Minimum 20 participants

  • Location

    All over Denmark – outside

  • Duration

    From 3 hours

Join the World Aid for a day

The international organisation, World Aid, must save the small state of Tongo, where a civil war has destroyed everything. In order to fulfil the task, World Aid needs help from a wide range of countries, and here your teams come into play. This activity focuses on management, collaboration, communication, knowledge sharing and establishing common goals. For example, one can easily blame the management for being poorly informed, but conversely, it is relevant to ask the individual why he or she did not even ask for information. The reflection of the outcome of the process can contribute to creating a more functional team in everyday life.

How to do Save Tongo®

Several teams are struggling to solve the major challenges in the country. There is an exciting role as project manager, which must be taken in the individual teams, which offers some realistic experiences. The leaders must manage their team members, put the strategy, perform ongoing hands-on management, and ensure that the team reaches its goal. Participants work in smaller groups where each team represents a country. Despite the good cause, competition arises between the countries and the companies involved in the work. Participants have to deal with their own tasks, but they also have to consider what creates success in collaboration across the teams.

Two versions

It is both possible to implement Save Tongo® in a short and a long version. The extended version contains capital raising, where funds are made available to the groups in the short version. It is best suited for days where an empirical rounding is made, as the participants have a great need to talk their reflections through after the event.

Benefits of Save Tongo®

Save Tongo® is a popular concept that has trained several thousand employees and hundreds of project managers. Over the years, a large number of Denmark’s largest companies have implemented this concept in various variations. The event has proved very effective and created some long-term experiences. Besides, the concept has for many years been used for specific education of project managers, where its complexity and clear metaphors for real challenges for project managers have proved to be very optimal.

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