Outdoor Escape Game

Escape game teambuilding udendørs
  • Number of participants

    Minimum 6 participants

  • Location

    All over Denmark

  • Duration

    From 1.5 hours

Are you ready for a challenging, brain-bending and fun concept? The goal is to break out of a virtual barrier.

The popular Escape Room now comes to you and puts the team's collaboration skills to the test! You may have heard about Escape Rooms, where you have to break out of a locked room by solving a number of tasks? We have taken the idea a step further, and we have moved the concept to your desired destination. The event is specially designed for you and can, therefore, be held exactly in the city, area or park of your choice. Outdoor Escape Game is a fun and thrilling game that can only be solved through collaboration, communication and engagement.

What is Outdoor Escape Game?

You will be divided into teams of 4-8 people. Now puzzles have to be solved while the adrenaline pumps and time goes by. You are trapped by virtual barbed wire seen on a tablet. This tablet will be given to you at the start, and it will form the framework for the Outdoor Escape game. The team must now move around and try to find a way out and collect points inside the closed area. The goal is to get out of the area as quickly as possible and with as many points as possible, but it is easier said than done. If the team is to find their way out, the team needs to think creatively and solution-oriented. There are several different tasks and questions at different levels. The advantage is that the whole team can be running at the same time and talk to each other along the way. Strategic thinking and knowledge sharing can be an advantage here. Everyone can participate in the activity, and it happens in a safe and secure environment.

What is your profit?

The innovative and exciting thing about this team building concept is that your employees will communicate and collaborate better. Learning is to be sharp on deadlines, keep full focus on tasks and recognise each other's abilities. You get a great experience, and the participants' planning, as well as the strategy can be crucial to today's result. Outdoor Escape Game is the perfect team building activity for you who wants to strengthen your collaboration through outdoor physical activity. The activity typically lasts somewhere between 1.5-3 hours, and it is, therefore, an obvious opportunity to implement the activity as part of a bigger seminar, course or conference.

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