Outdoor Cooking Challenge

På billedet ses en gruppe deltagere som skal til at igang med at anrette deres mad
  • Number of participants

    Minimum 6 participants

  • Location

    All over Denmark

  • Duration

    From 2 hours

Team building and outdoor cooking

Our Outdoor Cooking Challenge is the perfect team building activity for you who want to strengthen cooperation through cooking in the open air. You are divided into teams and have to compete on who can serve the best dish. You are ensured many pleasant hours with your colleagues, and you even get new cooking skills.

Gastronomic team building with a professional chef

With the assistance of a professional chef, you must now create the best menu in outdoor settings. Each team receives equipment for a bonfire, a set of boilers, pots, bowls and other cookware. Besides, a food basket is provided with various ingredients that can be used to create your dish. The content of the basket will vary according to your wishes for food and theme. The teams have to light the fire, prepare the meal and finally taste and serve. Points will be given according to taste, appearance, creativity, arrangement and an evaluation of whether the meal matches the theme chosen for the day. Finally, you get the opportunity to taste each other’s dishes.

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