Money Maker®

En deltager som er igang med at tælle pengesedler
  • Number of participants

    Minimum 25 participants

  • Location

    All over Denmark

  • Duration

    From 3 hours

Strategy and good cooperation

Money Maker® is a trading game that takes place in teams and challenges the participants' ability to trade. It is a concept where you quickly find out that there can be traded in good and barely good faith - all of course with a glint in the eye. This team building activity is perfect for those who want to enhance their ability to collaborate in a fun and different way.

How Money Maker® works

Each team receives some starting capital in the form of WOA dollars, and it is now the team's task to "raise their capital." This is done by solving various tasks along the way, and each time you solve a task, your capital doubles. At the start, it is a small amount of money we deal with, but more capital is rapidly circulating when, for example, DKK 8,000 doubles to DKK 16,000, which then doubles to DKK 32,000. The tasks are a combination of challenges and collaboration exercises that require resource allocation, courage, etc. The participants do not easily come to the various tasks, as for each task there is an "access key", which the team must have to be able to begin the task. The various access keys are sold at an auction before the start of the game, where the team's purchaser and accountant must think carefully before using the team's capital.

Winning team and titles

After the game, the winning team is named, which in the nature of the game is the team that has achieved the greatest capital - unless there is cheating in their accounts! This is ensured by the accountant who keeps an eye on the game continuously, and of course, it will be checked at the end of the game. In addition, fun title prizes can be awarded, which you can help decide.

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