Mission Impossible

  • Number of participants

    Minimum 25 participants

  • Location

    All over Denmark

  • Duration

    From 3 hours

Become an agent for a day

Mission Impossible is a challenging team building activity where keywords such as dynamics, engagement and tactics play a crucial role in the task of the participants. With this team building activity you are guaranteed an exciting day that offers lots of challenges and good laughs.

How it works

WOA's secret agents have stolen your new strategy or secret to your new product. The secret intelligence service WOA lacks a robust new team and has therefore arranged a 90-120 min. Boot Camp. At the Boot Camp, you will have to train and develop skills within collaboration, communication, shooting etc. After the Boot Camp, you will be ready to carry out the mission and find the stolen things. The team that wins back the stolen items becomes the new members of the intelligence service WOA.

The mission takes place on time and the adrenaline pumps. The skilled agent teams compete against each other to solve the necessary tasks - of course, before the time expires. The participants will meet tasks as code breaking, puzzles, collaboration exercises, card reading and orienteering, "think out of the box" and many others. Participants will be guided by our instructors who are dressed up. The instructor participates throughout the play - both as co-players and opponents.

Closing and prizes

The agents who first find the code are today's strongest team, and they win the competition. Besides presenting today's winner, we can also highlight other titles such as "Today's Agent", "Today's Agent Fumble" and other agents who draw attention to oneself.

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