Gold Rush

You just struck GOLD...

deltagere finder guld i sand
  • Number of participants

    Minimum 20 participants

  • Location

    All over Denmark

  • Duration

    From 3 hours

The Wild West

Now it is time to find your inner cowboy, dress up and compete in the big and fun gold digger quest. You have arrived in the middle of “The Wild West” also called Klondike. It is now time to find as much gold as possible, wash it, transport it and sell it on the gold exchange. But this may be easier said than done, as you come to meet different people and challenges on your way.

In this cold and dusty world, you will meet “Mister Manny-Money”, “Mayor Jealous Jackson” & “Mr Opportunity “. In Klondike, there is a monopoly on various everyday things, and therefore everything has to be dealt with – consequently, it is essential that all gold diggers are skilled and strategic traders.

Team division and fun cowboy names

Now work must be done! Being a gold digger is hard work. All participants are divided into teams with different cowboy names. Of course, a sheriff must be appointed, and a Dalton gang must be established. Each team gets a small pile of dollars to start so that they can gain access to the gold mine. The event is about collaboration, trade, creativity and cohesiveness. You have to solve a mixture of concrete, practical and fun tasks, where at the same time you have to think tactically and strategically to achieve your goals. You will work under pressure, experience supply and demand, and handle bureaucratic authorities.


When the starting signal goes, it is up to the teams to make as much money as possible. Money is earned on gold, but also on other solved tasks. Of course, the first task is to get a license to get into the gold mine. Then you will experience horseshoe duel, a real revolver duel, Poker Tournament, a lasso duel, and then you will have to establish watering systems and built transport wagons.

All participants will have fun, but you also get plenty of work. The advantage of this event is that everyone can participate. Gold Adventure is perfect for those who want to strengthen their collaboration through outdoor physical activity. This teambuilding event typically lasts somewhere between 3-7 hours, and our experience is that the activity becomes more fun if you spend plenty of time for the event. 

More options

If you choose a full day event, this can easily be combined with our Outdoor Cooking Challenge. If so, all the participants will cook over the bonfire and be responsible for lunch or dinner. The menu could easily be Real American BBQ Burgers, Pulled Pork or Spareribs. The possibilities are many, so call our talented event coordinators and get a talk about how we can design your next event.

Contact us for a non-binding offer

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