We have made events and team building since 1992, and we, therefore, have thousands of cases that we would like to tell you about. We have selected a few below so that you can gather inspiration for your next event.

Danish company invited 800 employees for a company party

In September, a Danish company invited all employees from all over the country to a day with exciting activities and a party in the evening. This year’s party should be something unique, and in this connection, the creative event coordinators from World of Adventure got the pleasure of customising the fantastic day.

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På billedet ses bord 16 klar til at deltagerne ankommer. dette er en ud af mange teambuilding cases

Annual Kickoff tour in the 80s theme

We were called by a customer who had to run their annual Kick-Off trip at Hindsgavl Castle. The desire was to combine the stay with exciting team building activities.

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Big Danish company takes on tablet run, travels 400 years back in time and participates in a workshop focusing on changing the future. Scheduled, coordinated and run by World of Adventure

In September, two departments from a major Danish company were to attend a joint seminar. The vision was one and a half day with a focus on team building, theme party and strategy. In this connection, World of Adventure was contacted and put on the task; a task that consisted of facilitating, planning and running both days.

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På billedet ses bord 16 klar til at deltagerne ankommer. dette er en ud af mange teambuilding cases

Project celebration with Ørsted A/S

Ørsted was to celebrate a finished project, and it had to be done in style. The vision was to create an unforgettable evening with a team party. Therefore, the creative event coordinators at World of Adventure were put on the task.

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Arcon Sunmark – a focus on employee satisfaction

Together with the customer, we designed 1½ day, where Søren Madsen from facilitated the connection between the activities and the employee satisfaction. Arne Nielson was commissioned to develop a story to put words on how to overcome new obstacles and continue to create strong results. Then he focused on creating “hands over head days”, where the desire to go to work is always great.

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På billedet ses bord 16 klar til at deltagerne ankommer. dette er en ud af mange teambuilding cases
En mand der giver hånd til legomanden fra Lego

Save Tongo – This year’s company party with SIKA DANMARK A/S

The desire was to create an unforgettable evening not soon to be forgotten.

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Nice day with Falck

We helped Falck with their annual seminar, where the goal was collaboration across the departments. Departments from all over the country met at Hotel Faaborg Fjord, where the morning went with professional content and exciting features. In the afternoon we had prepared six different workshops, where the participants had to develop different elements, each of which played a role at the evening party.

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På billedet ses bord 16 klar til at deltagerne ankommer. dette er en ud af mange teambuilding cases
En mand der giver hånd til legomanden fra Lego

Movie Challenge – Make your own movie

In connection with LEGO’s launch of the movie “A Clumsy Adventure”, the employees from Denmark and Eastern Europe gathered for a few days in Fredericia. World of Adventure had planned an active afternoon of team building in a whole new way.

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Adventure Run at Skjoldnæsholm

In the summer of 2015, Adventure Run was held at Skjoldenæsholm Hotel. Here the teams were dived in different disciplines, which concerned keeping a calm hand on the trigger and finding a common rhythm in the rubber boat in an attempt to reach the finish line first.

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På billedet ses et hold fra adventureløb i skjoldnæs, igang med at samle en gummibåd
På billedet ses 4 mænd i kommunale dragter stå med armende over hovedet

Company Revue in historic surroundings

This year we have done something entirely new and unique. Together with a bunch of talented actors, we made a super fun and entertaining company revue – but not an ordinary one. It was about fun episodes, company parties, internal jokes, management and much more from the company itself! The employees were laughing as they could recognise this year’s dumbest, funniest and most embarrassing episodes. The revue was built in historical and beautiful frames in the church hall at Koldinghus.

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Archery as team building

The Elves from Beierholm Revision were given the opportunity to live their inner Robin Hood, as they spent time with us for a game of archery on Trinity Hotel’s beautiful green areas. A good way to get a little break from lectures, and at the same time an opportunity to get to know each other even better.

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På billedet ses Beierholm revision i fuld gang med bueskydning
Her ses hold 20 på by safari i Helsingør

City Safari in Helsingør and on Kronborg Castle

We held a significant event for 200 people in Helsingør. The many people were on a City Safari with lots of tasks along the way, both in Helsingør city and on Kronborg Castle. The event consisted of sentries around the town, where an instructor gave the teams a task to be solved. Inside Kronborg Castle, there were also sentries that the teams had to find.

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Domino Fun at Hotel Koldingfjord

In connection with a Christmas party event, we went to Hotel Koldingfjord, where a company had asked us to challenge them in the art of building with dominoes before they had to eat a delicious Christmas dinner at the hotel. Divided into teams, they should make the finest and most creative design of dominoes, which of course culminated in a finale where all the teams tested their designs – and of course, triggered the excitement of whether all their dominos overturned.

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På billedet ses 5 personer som er ved at sætte domino brikker op
På billedet ses en gruppe i fuld færd med at spille et spil

An exciting process that has not yet ended

Denmark’s largest spectacle chain, Synoptik, chose to start a value-based project from the top of the organisation and all the way to the stores. After an opening discussion, the terms ”involvement” and ”values” ​​became the focus of creating even more commitment and value throughout the company.

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Drone flight

At World of Adventure we have a drone, and as with all other new toys, it must be tested immediately. That’s why we took it out to beautiful Hotel Koldingfjord, where we had the pleasure of making a GPS race. The participants had to look around for different items using the GPS, and at one of the sentries, they were given the opportunity to test the drone in a fun exercise that put the team’s collaboration to the test.

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På billedet ses en gruppe i gang med at flyve med drone sammen på et gps løb
På billedet startlinjen for mini triathlon

Mini Triathlon

At at Middelfart we held a Mini Triathlon. The participants had to run 5 km, cycle 20 km and swim 250 m. Participants could choose to take all three distances alone or go together in teams of three persons so that they only had to go through one discipline. In this way, everyone could participate.

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Recycling day with the municipality of Vejle

The Municipality of Vejle celebrated the 25th anniversary of waste sorting. This was done with good music from a DJ and a competition on Segways in Mariaparken, where the purpose was to make young people aware of how their waste can be recycled if it is thrown into the right boxes.

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på billedet ses et barn til genbrugsdag i fuld færd med at køre segway
På billedet ses i hold i fuld gang med at fuldføre en opgave om at få nogle søm til at balancere på et søm

Project start with a focus on High-Performance Team

In connection with the start-up of a new project group, it was crucial to get off to a good start. Therefore, a 3-day Kick-Off event was planned, where the thoughts about the project were reviewed. We chose to start from the concept of High-Performance Team and a basic understanding of what a team is and what circumstances must be present for a team to work optimally.

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Hotel Trinity employee day

Today, 50 Trinity employees can call themselves Robin Hood and GPS Masters after being challenged in archery and GPS racing.

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Her ses en medarbejderne fra trinity i fuld gang med at lære og skyde med bue og pil
På billedet ses 2 forskellige hold på indmarch til olympiade

Olympics with DFF

The year 2016 stands in the Olympiad’s sign, and we can see that at World of Adventure. In May, we had the Danish Heating Supply to the Olympiad at Gammelrøj Manor. The company chose this theme on the basis of the Olympics that year and because they are very competitive in general.

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Olympic Games with outdoor cooking

This summer we had Lemvigh Müller visiting for a full day filled with outdoor activities. The theme was the Olympics, and the participants were divided into teams, each of which got a country they were to represent.

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På billedet ses to hold fra olympic games igang med at se hvem der vinder i en tvekamp

An outdoor trip to Rømø

In June, we held a large 3-day event at Rømø. We were dealing with a company consisting of 50 people who went out to experience the harsh nature. The trip started in the afternoon with 5 hours of GPS action – the winners won better tents and sleeping bags for the night than those who lost.

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På billedet ses de forskellige hold på turen i færd med at samle deres gummibåde

Skræddersyede events

Med udgangspunkt i jeres ønsker for eventet skræddersyer vi eventet ned til mindste detalje og sikre en gnidningsfri afviklingen, så I kan koncentrere jer om at deltage og at være sammen med jeres kollegaer.

Planlægning & Design

For os er to events aldrig ens og med vores mange års erfaring har vi altid mange  ideer og muligheder i spil når vi sparre med jer om jeres ønsker. Når vi er nået til enighed om temaet og rammerne for eventet designer og planlægger vi eventet til mindste detalje.


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