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How we work!

1 You contact us and tell us what thoughts you have made about the event. We would like to know things such as duration, place, budget, date and number of participants. Once we have got all the details, we present a non-binding offer.

2 Once we have reached agreement on the presentation, we take over the entire responsibility for the planning. One of our talented event coordinators will then book and plan everything needed for the event.

3 Once the planning is completed, we connect one of our experienced project managers to your event, who will make the last clarifications and expectations reconciliation with you, so that you can look forward to a fantastic event.


Idea generation and design of your event are always in focus, whether you want an existing concept or something entirely new. We continuously develop concepts and design processes that focus on your goals. Therefore, we tailor your event solely according to your wishes and needs.

Valuation of expectations

Valuation of expectations through communication is a crucial part of our everyday lives. We both focus on valuation of expectations between customer and event consultant, but also between event consultant and the project manager if the case is passed on. Therefore, you can be sure that we deliver what you expect.

Security Focused

At World of Adventure, security is one of the most important things when doing our business. In our planning process, all our knowledge is included, and safety assessments are made from many years of experience and expertise. Our staff is regularly trained in our security procedures, and they are involved when designing our activities. Safety is always our focus!


We continuously strive to provide team building and events of the highest quality. We want to give you a little more than expected, which increases quality both regarding the idea, design, instructors' commitment and the event as a whole.

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